Good News 20-4
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The Great Controversy describes the conflict between God and Satan from the inception of sin in heaven to its extermination. This volume discusses the history of the Christian church and how God is saving His people.

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We are excited to offer you a free copy of Final Events of Bible Prophecy!

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD reveals what the Bible really says about the rapture, the millennium, the second coming and more. Stunning visuals and special effects lead viewers through the last days to when the earth will be restored to its Edenic wonder.

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Steps To Christ

"Steps to Christ" will help you learn to walk with the Savior moment by moment as you understand what the Bible declares regarding God's care for His children. Enjoy a fresh relationship with Christ as you consider the many ways He has chosen to communicate with us. Peace and hope are to be found in His simple words.

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